We pledge to stop saying “I’m not good at math” and approach math with a growth mindset. We work hard to grow our math understanding, attitude, and outlook. We know that, with math, we can…do anything. To achieve a growth mindset, we commit to the following:

  • We celebrate our mistakes as opportunities to learn and
  • We will be confident and share our thinking.
  • We will persevere through difficult practice.
  • Together we shall go far.


Compromiso matemático

Nos comprometemos a dejar de decir “No soy bueno en matemáticas” y abordar las matemáticas con una mentalidad de crecimiento. Trabajamos duro para hacer crecer nuestra comprensión, actitud y perspectiva matemática. Sabemos que, con las matemáticas, podemos … hacer cualquier cosa. Para lograr una mentalidad de crecimiento, nos comprometemos a lo siguiente:

  • Celebramos nuestros errores como oportunidades para aprender y crecer.
  • Tendremos confianza y compartiremos nuestro pensamiento.
  • Perseveraremos a través de una práctica difícil.
  • Juntos iremos lejos.

Mathematics is defined as the abstract science of number, quantity, and space (Webster). The APR Math Department believes in taking a blended approach for teaching and learning mathematics; combining both skills and applications. Our focus for this year is, Together We Shall Go F.A.R. (Feedback, Assess, Review).

We believe:

  • All students have a right to high quality math instruction.


  • When students are given feedback, assessed for understanding, and review skills and concepts they still have not mastered, they will go far.


  • Closely monitoring student learning through the use of ongoing assessments, inquiry, portfolios, and performance tasks given at the end of every unit.


  • Focusing on power standards for each grade level will allow for a deeper and conceptual understanding of mathematics.
  • Students’ critical thinking skills are sharpened when they engage in rigorous activities that promotes a productive struggle.


  • Creating a safe learning environment where students are allowed to make mistakes and work collaboratively.


  • Promoting lifelong learners and leaders that are able to navigate the world through reasoning and applied mathematics.


Student Expectations

Students are expected to show up to class everyday with their math notebooks and at least two pencils.  Students will be given a classwork folder to keep track of their work.  In addition, all students will be provided with a calculator to use in class and will have access to the curriculum online.  Students are expected to work diligently on all assignments. Together We Shall Go F.A.R.!

Ms. Blake- Grades 6-8
Class: 603, 604, 704

Ms. Eshun- Grade 7 & Grade 8
Class: 703, 803

Mr. Kelleher- Grade 6 & Grade 8
Class: 601, 603, 802

Ms. Kotee- Grade 7 & Grade 8
Class: 703, 803

Ms. Nicasio- Grade 6 & Grade 7
Class: 605, 702

Ms. Quinones- Grade 6 & Grade 8
Class: 606, 806

Mr. Parra- Grade 7 & Grade 8
Class: 705, 706, 805

Ms. Rodriguez- Grade 7 & Grade 8
Class: 705, 805

Mr. Vazquez- 8th Grade & Algebra Regents
Class: 801, 802